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Agnew Family Wellness provides a relaxing atmosphere at our chiropractic office in San Francisco for all patients to release the tension affecting their lives. Our office staff is friendly and professional, and we are all here to help our patients receive the chiropractic care they need to get through life pain-free. We take the time to learn the health concerns of all our patients, and we are genuinely concerned about their wellbeing. This is why we create individualized treatment plans for all patients, so we can better address their pain with chiropractic care and other non-invasive therapies. At Agnew Family Wellness in San Francisco, we take the time to encourage all patients to make certain lifestyle changes that can help improve vitality and reduce pain. Our chiropractors and team of assistants at Agnew Family Wellness are waiting to welcome you to our San Francisco office, and we are eager to help make your chiropractic visit an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

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We Are Highly Experienced

Our chiropractors have helped thousands of people in San Francisco and the surrounding areas find pain relief and recover from their injuries.


We Customize Your Care

Receive a full examination and diagnosis of your injury followed by a customized treatment plan of chiropractic care and other therapies we provide.


Insurance Accepted

Depending on the type of insurance you have or the type of injury, your insurance may cover your treatment. We are happy to verify benefits and help file insurance claims.

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Listen to our patients share their experiences and find out why we are the top rated chiropractic clinic in the San Francisco-area.

Suffering From These Symptoms?

Chiropractic care can relieve most symptoms and conditions. See the symptoms below for more information.

Why Choose
Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has the following benefits:

  • Alleviates aches and pain caused by your injury
  • Reduces inflammation surrounding your injury
  • Reduces any stiffness you may be experiencing
  • Alleviates whiplash effects
  • Alleviates headaches caused by your injury
  • Reduces soft tissue damage
  • Speeds up recovery

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Meet our doctors that are ready to help you heal and improve your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Should I Visit a Chiropractor?

You should visit a chiropractor when you have a back injury, a neck injury, or have issues with your joints.

You can benefit from getting your spine checked, whether you have pain or not. Do you see a dentist every six months? Why? To check for cavities, you can't feel! Why wait until your spine hurts? Get checked today. Call us at (415) 702-6755 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Pain is the reason people initially go to the chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments can help you function and feel better. Those who have experienced these adjustments report having less pain, greater freedom of movement, better sleeping patterns, and an improved sense of well-being. Daily stress like work, commuting, emotional stress, and having no time for your needs can all be hard on the body. Many people go to the chiropractor to help maintain an optimal state of health. How often they go generally depends on lifestyle factors, like exercise, stress reduction, and nutrition.

At Agnew Family Wellness, we correct and stabilize your spinal condition and help you feel better faster. Once you finish your initial treatments, it is up to you to continue care or not.

Most insurance companies acknowledge that chiropractic care is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Insurance coverage can significantly vary, and we recommend contacting your insurance company to discuss your benefits for chiropractic care. Please contact us about the insurances we accept; our staff will do their best to assist you with your insurance coverage. Call us today at (415) 702-6755 to discuss your insurance coverage.

Online Reviews

We know how good our chiropractic care is, but we would prefer if you heard it from our patients.

Maggie M.'s 5 star Yelp review for Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain

I have no words to describe how much Dr. Laura Agnew, Tess, Haley and Fritz have healed me and am staying with them on the life journey. I started with this team of professional healers in September 2020 for 2 visits with the worse pain in my hip for X 3 months. And then I stopped... self care was never a priority. Took more NSAIDS, took other pain meds etc. And then it came crashing down on me in early March 2021. Major blood pressure event, ER care and excellent follow up with my HMO healthcare providers, but, the true epiphany was I knew I would have to take care of myself or it would not be a good outcome. Medications were helping, but always wore off quickly and I felt sick from them. I could not turn my neck, or basically move by body without being in a complete state of despair with pain. I then called Dr. Agnew's office in late March 2021 and was seen the same day. Another complete work up, and now two months later with twice a week care I am being reborn again. I am not a road warrior, but can move my body, walk 10000 steps a day, ride my bike 5-6 miles a few times a week and take care of my life in ways not imaginable prior to my care with the gifted, intuitive, kind, caring professionals at Agnew Family Team.

Maggie M.
San Francisco, California
Melissa C.'s 5 star Yelp review for Auto Accident Injury

Earlier this year Dr. Agnew spoke to my Rotary club about a volunteer trip she took to give free chiropractic care to less fortunate in Cambodia. What a selfless doctor and an inspiration!

Coincidentally, about 2 weeks later, I was in a major car accident, where my car was totaled and I was very lucky to come away unscathed. But even a 10 mph crash can result in whiplash, so I'm glad I sought the care of Dr. Agnew. She's great, I felt instantly at ease. Before she would adjust my neck for the first time, she had me get an x-ray. She then very thoroughly went over my x-rays with me, explaining what she saw and what we can do to get me back in line. She gave me exercises to strengthen my back muscles to compliment her adjustments. It's been about 6 months and I'm feeling better than before the accident! Thank you, Dr. Agnew!

Melissa C.
San Francisco, California
Jessica P.'s 5 star Facebook review for Chiropractic Adjustment

Laura is absolutely great at what she does, and not only that, but is an equally wonderful and compassionate chiropractor. I have been on the hunt for years to find help to sooth my continuously aching back, and finally found the perfect team!

I initially went for a 3 session Groupon, and was impressed by how quick her adjustments are and how tailored they are to how you feel that day. Sore neck? She'll get your range and comfort back to normal pretty much instantaneously. Congested? She'll clear your lymph to open up the airways and have you feeling much better within minutes. Strained back? She'll work to loosen the muscles and adjust as needed so that the pain alleviates.

Her office is also very welcoming upon entering, with the receptionist Erika offering a warmth and helpfulness that makes you feel right at home and attended to. They are also always accommodating to last minute scheduling and extremely flexible, which I appreciate as muni in SF is incredibly unpredictable.

The Contour light sessions are also pretty cool! After about 10 minutes under the light I FELT my stomach get a little flatter. It was overall a really positive experience and I lost quite a few inches in 20 minutes!! I'd recommend it, but I personally don't need it since I'm pretty small to begin with.

So in summary, if you're looking for a chiropractor I would at least try a session or two at Agnew. She get's lots of 5 star reviews for a reason!

Jessica P.
San Francisco, California
Karissa D.'s 5 star google review for Weight Loss

Gorgeous clinic and wonderful staff! Laura is a fantastic chiropractor and knows her stuff. She’s able to identify dysfunction quickly and help correct it. They’ve got very functional machines that really target and aid in healing. Hayley is also an awesome employee who helps curate nutrition plans and exercises/stretches for balance/healing. 5 stars for this clinic :)

Karissa D.
San Francisco, California
Mariana B.'s 5 star google review for Pre-Natal & Pediatric

I've been seeing Dr. Agnew for about 8 months and was so fortunate to start treatment right before getting pregnant. The result has been a pregnancy free of back pain. Miraculous.

Dr. Agnew uses the gonstead method and works based off of x rays. She always takes time for patients and has the nicest receptionists around.

Highly recommend!

Mariana B.
San Francisco, California
Maria J.'s 5 star Google review for General Chiropractic services

Very professional service and always on time I recomended her service to some of my friend Thanks Laura for helping people like me in pain God bless 🙏your profession 😊

Maria J.
San Francisco, California

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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