Shoulder Pain Testimonials San Franciscos

Carly M.'s 5-star review on yelp for shoulder pain relief

I was suffering from severe neck & shoulder pain so a friend referred me to Dr Agnew. I could feel an improvement after the very first session & after several sessions the pain totally subsided! I continue to see Dr Agnew on a regular basis and always feel revitalized & energetic afterwards. I would recommend Dr Agnew to anyone she is personable, easy going and really makes you feel at ease!!!

Carly M.
San Francisco, California
Anik K.'s 5-star review on google for shoulder pain relief

This place is amazing! Dr. Laura fixed my shoulder which was definitely impinge. Appointments are easy to get and plenty of parking in the streets. Definitely get to this place before you get yourself an expensive surgery

Anik K.
San Francisco, California
Bruna S.'s 5-star review on yelp for shoulder pain relief

Doctor Laura is amazing! Always so attentive to my needs. She helped me to get rid off a huge pain on my left arm/shoulder. I'm still getting adjusted and it's been a great benefit in a regular basis.

Erika is also amazing, always welcoming and ready to help!

It's easy to get and appointment and reschedule it if necessary(they are flexible). I super recommend them!

Bruna S.
San Francisco, California
Im Y.'s 5-star review on yelp for shoulder pain relief

Love seeing Laura! She's so great at relieving my back pains due to my occupation. She's great at explaining her knowledge around why it's important to get adjusted and what it would look like if we don't. An example of a moment I had was when my shoulders were tight and achy, it really bothering me, but after an adjustment with Laura, the pain went away, I was so in shock that the whole time I thought it was my muscles that were sore from work, but it was the over stretching of my spine that actually was creating the pulling tension on my shoulders. I believe that's what it was. All I know is if my shoulders are achy and my shoulder blades feel stiff, I'd go for the chiropractic adjustment before making a decision to spurge on back to back massage to release the pain away. Massages are still so great either way, but in the long run, your spine is everything.

Im Y.
San Francisco, California
Tonya R.'s 5-star review on yelp for shoulder pain relief

Laura is an intuitive professional with her practice. I have suffered headaches and shoulder/upper back discomfort since a car accident 13 years ago. My overall health with regard to those issues has gone in waves but mostly I've been in a fair amount of discomfort. When I started seeing Laura about 9 months ago, she was incredibly thorough with the first appointment, even taking Xrays which put me at ease because she was determined to get to the root of the problem and put a plan in place to help with my issues. I went from seeing her 2-3x / week, to 2x / week, to 1x a week, and now an occasional visit maybe every other week or so. My headaches have subsided significantly and the proactive maintenance helps keep me feeling the best I can feel. I strongly recommend Dr Agnew if you're looking for a thorough professional and long term relief. Thanks, Laura for all you do!

Tonya R.
San Francisco, California

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