Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain Testimonials San Francisco

Maggie M.'s 5-star review on yelp for pain relief

I have no words to describe how much Dr. Laura Agnew, Tess, Haley and Fritz have healed me and am staying with them on the life journey. I started with this team of professional healers in September 2020 for 2 visits with the worse pain in my hip for X 3 months. And then I stopped... self care was never a priority. Took more NSAIDS, took other pain meds etc. And then it came crashing down on me in early March 2021. Major blood pressure event, ER care and excellent follow up with my HMO healthcare providers, but, the true epiphany was I knew I would have to take care of myself or it would not be a good outcome. Medications were helping, but always wore off quickly and I felt sick from them. I could not turn my neck, or basically move by body without being in a complete state of despair with pain. I then called Dr. Agnew's office in late March 2021 and was seen the same day. Another complete work up, and now two months later with twice a week care I am being reborn again. I am not a road warrior, but can move my body, walk 10000 steps a day, ride my bike 5-6 miles a few times a week and take care of my life in ways not imaginable prior to my care with the gifted, intuitive, kind, caring professionals at Agnew Family Team.

Maggie M.
San Francisco, California
Charles A.'s 5-star review on facebook for pain relief

Dr Laura help me with my Sciatica pain I’m moving a lot better. She is really good and has the state of the art Equipment

Charles A.
San Francisco, California

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