Back Pain Testimonials San Francisco

Catriona M.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

I have one word for dr laura agnew she is amazing! I went to dr laura agnew with severe lower back pain. I have been a nanny for many years lots of heavy lifting. After wearing high heels one weekend i was in pain and found it hard to walk. My friend had been to dr agnew and had great things to say about her. I was very nervous about going to a chiropractor but dr agnew instantly made me feel at ease. She was very friendly and i felt comfortable around her. You can tell she loves her job she explained all my back problems in detail and terms i can understand. She gave me great aftercare advice. I now see laura on a regular basis and have recommended her to all my friends.I no longer suffer from any back problems.

Catriona M.
San Francisco, California
Rocio P.'s 5-star review on facebook for back pain

After years of intense neck/back/hip pain, I’m finally having relief thanks to Dr.Agnew’s detailed care. Feeling so grateful!

Rocio P.
San Francisco, California
Paige S.'s 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Laura has a healing gentle touch. She has helped my back and neck tremendously!

Paige S.
San Francisco, California
Grant H.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

After doing a diagnostic appointment to discuss problems due to injuries I've had on my back. We went ahead and did X-rays. Two days later I came in for my first actual adjustment. I was bummed I had to wait a couple days for some relief. But after the first adjustment today, I feel immensely better walking home. I notice my left leg is evenly adjusted so now my right leg has less drift when walking, jogging or running. It's still somewhat there but I expect improvement over time with adjustments, rest, and exercise. I'm looking forward to more adjustments to come and will definitely return for more until my injuries are resolved.

Dr. Agnew is also very knowledgeable in her profession. I'm naturally very curious when it comes to biology so being able to discuss and learn from her is of course the icing on the cake for me.

If you need an adjustment, come to this doctor!

Grant H.
San Francisco, California
Madeline I.'s 5-star review on google for back pain

Love this place! Laura is amazing at finding and supporting the fix towards my target trouble areas on my back. I even brought my mother who suffered from back pain for a long time and it has been so much help for her. I have been telling all my coworkers and friends and recommended Laura for chiropractic . Also they have the contour light service that my mother does for the stubborn waist line she had, now from the light she can fit into pants that she had long ago. Love this place! Erica the Receptionist has been a big help with the couture light and recommended meals, as well as scheduling our appointments, it’s a great custom experience when I go here.

Madeline I.
San Francisco, California
Krista M.'s 5-star review on google for back pain

Laura and her team are amazing! She totally fixed my back issues. Thanks to her I am pain-free and can resume my active lifestyle. Don't mess around with anyone else-go straight to her!

Krista M.
San Francisco, California
Remedios M.'s 5-star review on google for back pain

Dr. Laura Agnew is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever met, and I’m so blessed to have her take care of me.

Remedios M.
San Francisco, California
Daithi O.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

I threw my back out doing some diy a few years ago and have been visiting a chiropractor every few months but my back was never 100%.

I decided to try another dr and on a recommendation from a golf buddy I went to Dr Agnew,her space is very relaxing with lots of natural light, 3 sessions in and I feel great,good attention to detail,she listened to my needs and was able to work out the kinks that have been bothering me. I'm pretty sure I'm about an inch taller and my golf swing has improved.

Would definitely recommend Dr Agnew.

Daithi O.
San Francisco, California

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