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1.Can chiropractic help with lower back pain?

Many things can cause lower back pain, from sports or car accident injuries. Whatever the cause is, lower back pain usually occurs when a vertebra or spinal segment is out of its normal position. Over time, the nervous system experiences stress, which causes many issues. Also, the muscles or ligaments in the lower back weaken, which causes the spine to lose stability, resulting in pain. Nerves reach all parts of the body through the spinal cord, which means back problems can cause pain or weakness in almost any part of the body.

At Agnew Family Wellness, our chiropractors are skilled in lower back pain and can pinpoint your problem and get you back to a healthy state. We address back pain with advanced techniques and use them to repair the function to your nervous system.

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for both acute neck pain and chronic neck pain. Acute neck pain is a sharp pain that makes it hard to turn your head. Chronic neck pain can also arise from many things, including poor posture and sedentary work. This type of pain is a dull and achy discomfort, which is often accompanied by stiffness. In both situations, specific vertebrae in the neck and upper back are impacted, resulting in neck pain. The healing process can be further complicated when the muscles, ligaments, and tendons begin forming scar tissue.

Chiropractic adjustments can help keep the joints healthy and working correctly. Adjustments can also help reduce stiffness, reduce pain, reduce muscle tension, and increase function. With chiropractic care at Agnew Family Wellness, we make sure to help heal the problem, not just mask it like with medication.

When people experience shoulder pain, especially after a car accident, the pain tends to radiate down the arm and causes limitations in movement. Often shoulder pain can be accompanied by neck and back pain and causes the body to respond negatively, like poor posture or restricted range of motion. It is essential for the chiropractor to accurately diagnose the problem before any treatment can start, especially since shoulder issues can be complicated. These injuries are typically multifaceted and require one to look at the entire shoulder girdle, not just the shoulder joint itself.

If you are unsure of your diagnosis, seek the advice of a chiropractor at Agnew Family Wellness before trying any other treatments. Give us a call today!

Walking can change when you experience an injury, such as an ankle sprain or knee strain, and can produce hip pain. When injured, your walk shifts to counterbalance new body demands. Anything that causes an imbalance when you are in motion is most likely going to result in painful hip problems. Hip pain is also connected to discomfort in the lower back.

At Agnew Family Wellness, our chiropractors will help you in many of these areas. Along with your adjustments, as part of the chiropractic management of your hip problem, they can also offer suggestions for rehabilitative exercises, including muscle stretching and strengthening. When it comes down to it, hip pain will not disappear on its own and typically indicates that there is something that needs to be addressed. Get out of pain and back in balance by giving our San Francisco office a call today!

Elbow pain occurs when the muscled and tendons are overused. The repetitive strain causes the muscles and tendons of the forearm to become tight and irritated. This pain comes from tiny tears in the muscles and tendons.

As the body tries to heal these tears, scar tissue forms, which can cause tissues to tighten, weaken, and become more pain-sensitive. Your chiropractor will make sure that you receive the correct diagnosis and it is not something more severe.

Vertigo is when you feel a sense of motion, but you are stationary. The condition generally starts in the vestibular system in the middle ear, though it can also be caused by dysfunction in the brain. Because of the severity of the symptoms that can ensue, such as nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, excessive sweating, and unsteady gait, a person's quality of life can be severely affected.

Vertigo and dizziness can be connected to upper neck dysfunction, and no drug or pill can correct vertigo. Get professional advice by seeking out the care of a chiropractor at Agnew Family Wellness in San Francisco.

The carpal tunnel is in your wrist, and the nerves going through this structure can become irritated and cause issues like pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness in your fingers, hands, and wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is prevalent, affecting millions of people every year, especially domestic workers, secretaries, computer users, musicians, and others who do repetitive tasks with their hands. Your wrist problem could be the result of a misalignment of one or more joints in your neck, shoulder, elbow, or wrist.

Chiropractic techniques that work well with the spine can be applied to other joints of the body, which is good because almost every joint is susceptible to malfunctions that can impair function and range of motion. Trauma, micro-traumas, vibrations, and repetitive motions are often culprits. Carpal tunnel is the usual diagnosis for any wrist pain, tingling/numbness, or weakness. Therefore, it is crucial to get a proper chiropractic evaluation to decide the best course of action.

Pain is the reason people initially go to the chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments can help you function and feel better. Those who have experienced these adjustments report having less pain, greater freedom of movement, better sleeping patterns, and an improved sense of well-being. Daily stress like work, commuting, emotional stress, and having no time for your needs can all be hard on the body. Many people go to the chiropractor to help maintain an optimal state of health. How often they go generally depends on lifestyle factors, like exercise, stress reduction, and nutrition.

At Agnew Family Wellness, we correct and stabilize your spinal condition and help you feel better faster. Once you finish your initial treatments, it is up to you to continue care or not.

Sciatica is nerve compression in the low back and often results in sensory loss, loss of bowel and bladder function, and loss of strength. Sciatica occurs when a vertebra or soft tissue is impinging on the sciatic nerve. The cause is repetitive stress, poor ergonomics, or even due to trauma. Chiropractic treatment helps patients recondition their body's potential to heal itself. Do not choose temporary relief by relying on medication. Fix the root of sciatica by coming into Agnew Family Wellness and finally addressing the underlying cause.

Most patients experience a popping or cracking sound during spinal manipulation, which is not dangerous and doesn't cause discomfort for patients. This sound happens because gas and fluids are making their way through your spine. Your body depends on fluids to lubricate the bones between each section of your spinal joints, so it's normal to have this fluid in your skeletal system.

You can benefit from getting your spine checked, whether you have pain or not. Do you see a dentist every six months? Why? To check for cavities, you can't feel! Why wait until your spine hurts? Get checked today.

1.Should I let my primary doctor know I'm considering chiropractic care?

In many cases, you do not need a referral to make an appointment to see a chiropractor. Chiropractors are often recommending their patients visit doctors who specialize in areas they do not have expertise. In the case of medical insurance, check to see if your health care coverage includes chiropractic benefits. Finances will not be an obstacle for you to get the care you need and require.

The cost typically comes down to the treatment plan the doctor creates for you, as well as any limitations on the insurance policy. We think everyone deserves to experience the benefits of chiropractic care. Ask us about developing a payment plan to help with your budget.

Most insurance companies acknowledge that chiropractic care is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Insurance coverage can significantly vary, and we recommend contacting your insurance company to discuss your benefits for chiropractic care. Please contact us about the insurances we accept; our staff will do their best to assist you with your insurance coverage.

1.What is Contour Light?

Contour Light is a light emitting diode (LED) system that delivers red and infrared light. The system is comprised of large, flexible, soft pads that are very similar to a heating-pad. These pads can be placed beneath or on top of the patient. The treatment does not cause any pain or discomfort.

The label of mid-600nm refers to the wavelength of light emitted by the LEDs. In clinical studies, it was proven that mid-600nm light initiates a photobiostimulation of the fat cell, causing the cell to release its contents, resulting in a deflation or shrinkage of the cell.

The patient will lie on a treatment bed and the pads are placed over the area to be treated. The system will be turned on and the patient will feel a slight warming sensation, but no pain or discomfort. Most patients can read or use their phone/portable device, some will even take a short nap.

The recommended Contour Light treatment protocol involves 10 treatments in a series, delivered every other day or every 3 days. Patients typically see a noticeable improvement within the first 2 or 3 treatments, many as early as the 1st treatment. The full series of 10 treatments should address most patient expectations, but some patients may want to continue with additional treatments.

Results will vary from patient to patient, primarily due to the commitment by the patient to their goals. If a patient maintains a healthy lifestyle of a diet and exercise program that promotes weight control, their results can be long term.

A Contour Light treatment is safe and effective for anyone who does not have a medical condition that reduces their ability to eliminate waste via the liver and kidneys. Patients are recommended to consult their physician before starting any type of diet or exercise program.

The protocol associated with the Contour Light system involves simple to follow directions, but does not require a strict diet or strenuous exercise. As with any type of weight modifying program, diet and exercise will have an effect on the results, specifically if a person does not make an attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A small amount of exercise and a recommended level of water consumption will help with lymphatic stimulation to optimize results. The Contour Light protocol can help to motivate a person and jumpstart a person’s determination to improve their appearance, making it much easier to attain their goal of a sleeker and sexier profile.

The Contour Light can be used on any part of the body; hips, waist, thighs, back, upper arms and neck.

There is no evidence that a mid-600nm treatment will cause an elevation of triglyceride or cholesterol levels. These treatments are totally safe.

Clinically obese patients can benefit from a treatment involving a mid-600nm device. Just as with any other type of patient, the improvement in appearance has a motivating effect, enabling the patient to apply effort that can provide exceptional results in the long term.

Yes. The light emitted by the Contour Light does not generate excessive heat and will not cause a burn. The light is very bright and should not be looked at directly for an extended period of time, but is much safer than a laser device that can damage eyes with even a slight glance into the beam.

To achieve optimal results with the Contour Light treatments, the patient should follow the simple steps outlined in our protocol. This protocol involves a moderate diet, minimal exercise and reasonable water consumption. Any individual who is committed to improving their appearance will have no problem following these guidelines.

There are three main reasons why alcohol should be avoided while receiving the Contour Light treatment.

  • Alcohol is a diuretic and it is critical that the body stays optimally hydrated throughout the treatment program.
  • Alcohol is high in calories and directly conflicts with the recommendations of any diet/body modification program.
  • Third and most important, alcohol is processed by the liver, which directly restricts the body’s ability to process the fat released during the treatment series. When the liver is occupied by the processing of alcohol, it is less able to process any additional fat or waste.
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